In its Climate Action Plan, Germany sets itself the goal of becoming largely climate-neutral by 2050. Aluminum plays a key role here, as the light material helps to reduce greenhouse gases. In our blog article we explain how exactly that works and what it has to do with alloy wheels.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the issue of sustainability and are incorporating it into our lives and decision-making. When looking for our dream car, for instance, we focus on particular capabilities and properties. We currently attach great importance not only to the special look, but also to low consumption and minimum emissions. However, the matter of sustainability doesn’t end with the choice of vehicle. Car accessories can also be climate-friendly.

Low weight equals less emissions
The wheels provide a particularly good opportunity to make your vehicle more sustainable. After all, alloy wheels are designed to minimize fuel consumption, and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to their light weight. Superior Industries ensures optimum aerodynamics for its RIAL wheels and is continually enhancing them. In conjunction with their light weight, our wheels therefore make a major contribution to minimizing exhaust fumes.

Aluminum production with green energy
RIAL takes responsibility for the environment and for its customers. We significantly reduce the need for paper by processing our internal communication and arrangements with suppliers in digital form. In addition, we are increasing the proportion of green power in our production facilities around the globe. Based on ISO 14001 certificates, we implement resource conservation programs as standard and aim to make our production completely climate-neutral by 2039.
For the production of our alloy wheels, we are increasingly commissioning service providers that produce parts using renewable energy. Smelters should obtain 100 percent of their electricity from regenerative sources, such as from hydropower and wind power. That makes everyone a winner, benefiting both our customers and the environment!

Proper disposal of industrial waste
Our responsibility doesn’t end with choosing sustainable manufacturers. In the production of RIAL alloy wheels, we ensure that our production facilities meet local requirements and also guarantee that industrial waste is disposed of in the appropriate way.

Chips, sprues and other such waste products are completely reused. The result is clear to see, as the proportion of recycled aluminum in our alloy wheels is at least 40 percent – and continues to rise.

Just try out our sustainable alloy wheels and you’re sure to be impressed by their quality! You can use our Wheel Configurator to find your ideal wheel and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.