Care instructions for RIAL alloy wheels

To ensure your RIAL alloy wheels bring you lasting enjoyment, please observe the following instructions. While brake dust, dirt, moisture, salt, stones and other hazards are unavoidable, it is possible to prevent or at least minimize any damage through appropriate wheel care.


If dirt remains on the wheel for an extended period, this can lead to permanent damage. For this reason, we recommend regular clea- ning, at intervals of no more than two weeks. Thoroughly clean both the outside and the inside of the wheel to remove all dirt. In winter, the wheels should be cleaned once a week. Minor damage (chipping) to the paint inish should be repaired using clear coat (varnish) to prevent corrosion of the underlying, surrounding material (iliform corrosion).


We recommend warm water with detergent (dish soap) or car shampoo. If you decide to use specialist wheel cleaner, please strictly ob- serve the manufacturer’s instructions, especially regarding application time. Do not use cleaners that contain acids, alkalis or alcohols, as these can negatively impact the paint inish and possibly even the car’s braking system.


  • When being cleaned, the wheels should be cold to prevent the cleaner from drying out
  • Use clean and soft sponges and brushes only
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or materials, such as steel wool or scouring sand
  • If you decide to use a specialist wheel cleaner, do not under any circumstances exceed the maximum recommended exposure/application time
  • Once cleaning is complete, rinse off the cleaner thoroughly
  • Thorough cleaning should always include the inner-facing surfaces of the wheel
  • Repair damage to the paint inish immediately to prevent oxidation
  • Standard wheel sealant can be employed for added protection, but again be sure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Please avoid using car washes that feature rigid or hard brushes

Failure to follow these instructions does not generally nullify the product warranty in its entirety, but can lead to damage to the alloy wheels that, in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions, are not covered by the warranty.


Some repair shops offer alloy wheel refurbishment, restoration or similar services, and promise to repair damage to the wheel. These services have a serious impact on the wheel’s attributes and strength, for example entailing machining or heat treatment. As a result, theuse of these or similar services invalidates the product warranty. For safety reasons, we strongly advise against the use of such services.