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If there is one perfect example of a team successfully racing to the top of the Bundesliga, it has to be TSG Hoffenheim. The soccer team has been promoted to a higher league seven times since 1990 and is playing in the Bundesliga since the 2008-09 season. Great expertise and full dedication from everyone involved – the qualities that have led to TSG Hoffenheim’s success over the past decades are also crucial to the [...]

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TSG Hoffenheim: Practice under Special (Corona) Circumstances

Match operations in the Bundesliga may still be on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but professional teams have been allowed to practice again since the beginning of April. The Bundesliga team TSG Hoffenheim, which RIAL is sponsoring as an Hoffenheim Business Team Partner starting in the current 2019-20 Bundesliga season, began holding group practice again with special protective measures on April 6. What does this mean for the players and coaches? How are [...]

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Classy, sporty and effortlessly charming – the alloy wheel LUCCA by RIAL perfectly epitomizes the lifestyle and characteristics of the Tuscan city from which it takes its name. Incidentally, Lucca’s best known and most attractive landmark is the city wall from the Renaissance. The special appeal of the wheel counterpart LUCCA is its design, which has what it takes to become a modern classic. Its five double spokes fit perfectly with the appearance of [...]

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Inspection Methods

Alloy wheels from renowned manufacturers are high-quality products that are subjected to comprehensive tests and inspections. Manufacturers who supply wheel rims for premium auto brands must hold themselves to particularly high quality standards. They usually have their own stringent performance test and inspection facilities on site. Once the newest product developments have withstood thorough manufacturer tests, the wheels are inspected once again by an independent institute before being released for production. This external inspection [...]

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Every acceleration and every braking maneuver, every curb hit and every pothole: all of these put stress on your alloy wheels. But your wheels are built precisely for the loads and forces involved in such driving situations – at least they should be. Professional alloy wheel manufacturers take their responsibility seriously, producing wheels worthy to serve as extremely vital automotive components. They put their wheels to the test with a range of inspection methods, [...]

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The portfolio of sporty alloy wheels from RIAL is about to get a new entry: ASTORGA. Its classic double-spoke look reveals a clever design variation upon second glance – the spoke pairs are arranged in a slightly asymmetrical pattern. This twist lends the wheel balanced proportions and makes it a timeless classic that is suitable for many vehicle models. ASTORGA will be available for purchase starting in Spring 2020 in the colors diamond black [...]

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RIAL and ASV Fußgönheim

Soccer remains the most popular sport in Germany by a wide margin. In countless amateur leagues and youth teams, men, women, and children of all ages spend their time chasing that “round leather”, as soccer balls are colloquially known in German. Since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, however, the official match balls have been produced from synthetic materials. Although the material of the equipment may have changed over the past decades, the massive [...]

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What do Africa’s highest peak and an alloy wheel from RIAL have in common? It’s quite simple – both of them are named KIBO. Because Kibo – which means “the bright one” in Swahili and stands at 5,895 meters – is the highest of Kilimanjaro’s three volcanic cones, the identical names symbolize that the wheel design is also reaching new heights. The twenty spokes of the alloy wheel are arranged in pairs at varying [...]

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