From a single cast

From a single cast The production of alloy wheels has a long history behind it. Humankind mastered the technique of casting metals around 5,000 years ago. During the era of industrialization, cast iron became a key construction material that could even be used to build entire bridges. At the end of the 19th century, aluminum gained significance for casting – and is the material that is used for modern alloy wheels. Standard parts for [...]

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No need to fear winter with this wheel rim! The ARKTIS model from RIAL is not only named after a polar region – it also impresses with its exterior design and craftsmanship. The clear lines and the five wide spokes stretching to the outer edge lend the wheel both cool elegance and a robust look. The indentations around the center of the wheel grant ARKTIS an interesting yet unembellished aesthetic. ARKTIS is available [...]

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High Quality Wheel Rims from RIAL

Safety is very important to drivers, and the wheels play a far greater role here than many people may realize. It is the wheels, together with the tires, that create the contact with the road. All the physical effects that occur when accelerating, braking, or negotiating curves are transferred via this connection. If it is not possible to rely absolutely on safety-relevant components such as the wheels in every situation, this can quickly [...]

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