Approval and Certification

Getting new wheel rims is fantastic – after all, they can give your car a new, fresh look and even improve its handling characteristics. Naturally, it is important that the wheels fit the vehicle, not just in terms of appearance but also technically. To guarantee this, under German law wheels are subject to approval. To ensure that drivers can hit the road safely even after changing wheels, various technical certifications are available for [...]

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Aluminum vs. Steel

Do you prefer an elegant look with sporty, delicate shapes or would you rather go with a sturdier option? You could spend hours debating the pros and cons of aluminum and steel wheel rims. Some car enthusiasts would rather go by foot than install anything other than alloy wheels, while others are not as interested in aesthetics or driving physics and prefer the steel variant. If you've been driving on steel wheel rims [...]

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It’s a self-confident statement – the double spokes that diverge from each other all the way down into the rim flange make the X10 alloy wheel from RIAL a paragon of sporty elegance. The design is delicate and gives the alloy wheel a certain exclusivity. The popular classic X10 wheel rim has recently also become available in a 7.5 x 18 inch version. Fans of the model can choose between classic polar silver, [...]

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The vehicle is noticeably pulling to the right. The driver may first suspect a problem with the steering system, but then comes the idea to check and adjust the tire pressure – this turns out to do the trick, and the problem is fixed. Situations like this could have happened often a few years ago. These days, however, technology helps us in such cases. Since November 1, 2014, a tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has [...]

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The TORINO alloy wheel is a dynamic and appealing highlight in the RIAL product range. Like the northern Italian city of Torino from which it takes its name – host of the 2006 Olympic Games and home of Fiat and Lancia – the wheel stands for sportiness without any detours. The TORINO wheel combines the design elements of Y spokes and double spokes. Five double spokes drawn right up to the outer wheel rim [...]

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End of Season Report

With the motto “every season writes its own story”, the TSG Hoffenheim team and its partners kicked off the 2019-20 Bundesliga season in late summer 2019. Who could have predicted the dramatic way in which the subsequent season would go on to confirm this motto? The season that has just ended will remain unforgettable for all soccer fans and everyone involved. The best was saved for last: with a 4:0 victory against Dortmund [...]

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Wheel Rim Repair

Safety always comes first – especially when it comes to heavily stressed alloy wheels. This is why wheel rim repairs should be approached with the utmost caution. It is understandable that a vehicle owner may want to make up for the careless moment in which they drove their beautiful wheels a bit too close to the curb. Anyone wishing to actually repair an alloy wheel, however, should turn to a specialist or only conduct [...]

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