Are you considering a new set of wheel rims for your vehicle? Unfortunately, this will require a bit of regulatory know-how. Even the sleekest alloy wheel rims will only work out if qualified personnel have approved them for use on your vehicle. In Germany, a serially produced vehicle is authorized for use on the road by its general operating permit (ABE). The accompanying registration documents list all the approved wheel and tire sizes. Aluminum [...]

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Commercial Partner Event in Hoffenheim/Sinsheim

It was a dream come true for the 26 soccer fans who won our top prize – a whole weekend of Bundesliga action at TSG Hoffenheim with plenty of chances to rub elbows with the star players! With the slogan “Make it RIAL!”, the Fall 2019 prize draw from the well-known alloy wheel brand was all about top-notch professional soccer. And just like on the soccer pitch, the RIAL prize draw required a [...]

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Hoffenheim Business Team Partner

High-quality soccer and light alloy wheel rims – what a match! It is no secret that many soccer stars love sports cars. Likewise, fans are often interested in what their favorite players adore. RIAL is well-aware of this correlation and began sponsoring the German soccer club TSG Hoffenheim as an Official Business Team Partner with the start of the current 2019/20 season. Since 2017, RIAL has had a presence in the Bundesliga with [...]

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What does the Vehicle Registration Reveal?

It all starts with the desire for new alloy wheel rims. But then comes the practical question of which wheel rims fit your vehicle and have been approved for it by the authorities. The most important aid in answering this question is your vehicle registration. Since October 1, 2005, it has officially been known as the “Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I” in Germany, though this brought only minor changes from the previous version. The corresponding “Zulassungsbescheinigung [...]

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Composition of a Wheel Rim

Accelerating and braking, fast curves or a pointed curb – driving places heavy mechanical demands on the wheel. Not to mention the heat stress resulting from friction and braking. A wheel must be engineered to withstand all of these strains. Modern wheels represent the state of the art and carry in them the professional expertise of many generations of engineers. Their design is fine-tuned to meet all the demands of driving while also having [...]

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