The Adventure of Van Life

Campervanning and caravanning are becoming increasingly popular. There are a wide range of reasons for this, including their unique flexibility, the dream of family holidays in the countryside and the unrivaled sense of freedom. The camping options are as varied as the adventurers who choose them. Whether they are traveling with a converted transporter or purpose-built campervan, all holidaymakers have one thing in common: they are looking for the independence that package holidays are unable to offer. The freedom to choose which road to take. While van life for solo travelers may be as simple as a mattress in the back of a Volkswagen Caddy, a full-scale van conversion offers the space and comfort young families need.

Thorough preparation

No matter what kind of vehicle you choose for your adventure, such a trip takes quite some preparation. You need to remember that any extension or conversion of the vehicle changes its weight and thus also the axle load. This may affect the choice of wheels. There is a large selection of different alloy wheels for such uses and something to accommodate every taste. The TRANSPORTER, M10 X, M12 X, KIBO X and new TRANSPORTER 2, arriving this fall, are excellently suited to many models. You can consult our configurator to find out which wheel is right for your vehicle.

Many people who love the outdoors always draw up a checklist before setting off on holiday to make sure that the vehicle is ideally prepared and they don’t forget anything they need. There are countless suggestions for to-do lists to be found on the Internet – here’s an example. Once you’ve worked through the checklist and fitted the appropriate wheels, you’re almost ready to set off. Before beginning your trip, though, it is vital that you also check the air pressure on your loaded vehicle, following the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

Safe trips

Safety always comes first – even on the greatest adventures. You should therefore regularly check the wheels and tires during your holiday. If you are driving on uneven ground, they are likely to be damaged more often than on asphalt roads. Keep an eye on the air pressure and adjust it at the next gas station where necessary.

Long-lasting driving fun

Unlike most passenger vehicles, campervans and the like are usually used only in certain seasons. The time to change the tires therefore differs from that for cars that are driven all year round. Regardless of whether they still have a sufficient profile, On top of this come weather-related influences such as heat and UV radiation, as well as parking on gravel or uneven ground. In any case, changing the tires also provides the ideal opportunity to change the wheel rims.

If you take all these tips on board, your next trip will be a safe one. If you’re unsure about which wheels to choose, your local RIAL partner will be happy to help. Have fun discovering and experiencing!