Painting Methods

Vehicles and wheels are put under heavy strain in day-to-day use. Corrosion protection therefore plays a key role for the function and appearance of alloy wheels. First-class paintwork contributes to the high quality standard of RIAL alloy wheels. When it comes to paintwork, a distinction can generally be made between two systems: water-based and solvent-based colored paint. The reason for this is that not all the required colors can be created in both [...]

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The name says it all: RIAL’s alloy wheel TRANSPORTER is the ideal option for delivery vehicles that need to stand the test in demanding day-to-day business. This impressive powerhouse has everything you need to ensure safe and reliable delivery at all times. The wide spokes testify to the great stability of TRANSPORTER. With a maximum possible wheel load of 1,450 kilograms, the wheel is recommended as a heavy laborer for a wide range [...]

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An Interview with Paloma Beutler

Paloma Beutler has been Marketing Manager Aftermarket at Superior Industries since February 2018. In this interview, she explains her tasks, how she structures her working day and what she enjoys doing in her free time. What are your tasks at Superior Industries? My current tasks are extremely diverse and cover all areas of marketing – I do everything from PR work together with our press agency to strategic, design, and operational social media [...]

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Tips for Winter

It’s that time of year again: the weather forecast talks about first snowfall, winter starts to make itself felt, and road conditions are getting worse. By now every responsible driver will be asking themselves whether they have done everything necessary to ensure their vehicle makes it through the cold season in a decent state. Here are the most important tips for carefree driving even in winter: Switch to winter tires! The rule [...]

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The name speaks for itself – and evokes the elegance and temperament of the great Italian fashion metropolis: MILANO. Milan is the most important city in northern Italy and thus in the region that numerous legendary automotive manufacturers call home. Just like Milan’s fashion, the alloy wheel MILANO from RIAL has its own unique look and provides a sporty note. The asymmetrical spokes are a testament to passion with a special character and [...]

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