“Implementing Challenging Projects”

Paloma Beutler has been Marketing Manager Aftermarket at Superior Industries since February 2018. In this interview, she explains her tasks, how she structures her working day and what she enjoys doing in her free time.

What are your tasks at Superior Industries?

My current tasks are extremely diverse and cover all areas of marketing – I do everything from PR work together with our press agency to strategic, design, and operational social media planning for our three brands ATS, RIAL, and ALUTEC, as well as campaign planning, organizing photo shoots and booking advertising space, and even coordinating all graphical work.

Which media and instruments do you use to implement your projects?

They are just as varied and diverse as my tasks. I take care of press releases, advertorials, adverts, and banners. I also control our content on Instagram, Facebook and, of course, in this RIAL blog. I coordinate sales promotions and campaigns with digital and classically printed publications. Last, but not least, I am also the contact person for sponsoring and cooperation arrangements in a wide range of areas, above all sports sponsoring.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a very structured and organized person and I usually have a concrete plan of which “to dos” I want to cross off my list during the working day. Writing this list is usually my final task on the previous day. I then usually start my day by reading through e-mails while drinking my first cup of tea or coffee – depending on how I feel that day – before turning to my to-do list.

Depending on how many unexpected tasks come up in the course of the day, it usually works quite well with my daily goals 😊. After work, it is important to me to switch off and distract myself. This could be through sport, meeting with friends, or watching a good film – it all depends on my mood 😊.

Which tasks do you prefer to handle as a team, and which ones do you do alone?

Creative work is definitely team work in my view. You simply get to hear so many different ideas and perspectives during a discussion with colleagues. Usually this also gives rise to cool and exciting results much faster. Particularly right at the beginning of campaigns or social media designs, I am a great fan of joint brainstorming sessions. However, when I just need to work through a list of tasks, I like to have peace and quiet.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

Realizing ideas and successfully implementing extensive projects that are challenging and seem almost impossible at the start.

Which RIAL product is your favorite? Why?

LUCCA in diamond-black front polished – there is no one single reason. I just really like the way the wheel looks and it can be used on a wide variety of vehicles thanks to the many different sizes.

What particularly exciting episode from one of your recent projects has stuck with you?

The successful implementation of last year’s RIAL campaign with a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event weekend at the TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga team grounds is certainly a project that I remember fondly. Here, we were able to make use of media-friendly sponsoring for our end customers in a way that also benefited our commercial partners and thus create synergies.

Which do you prefer?

• Coffee or tea? Depends on how I feel.
• Mountains or the ocean? I find them both amazing.
• Cooking for yourself or getting a delivery? Cooking for myself.
• Sports car or SUV? Sports car.

Do you have an interesting hobby or do you perform voluntary work during your leisure time?

I have been playing table tennis since my childhood and I still enjoy it today. Over the past few years I have also developed a real passion for photography.