Perfect Paint for a Durable Appearance

Vehicles and wheels are put under heavy strain in day-to-day use. Corrosion protection therefore plays a key role for the function and appearance of alloy wheels. First-class paintwork contributes to the high quality standard of RIAL alloy wheels.

When it comes to paintwork, a distinction can generally be made between two systems: water-based and solvent-based colored paint. The reason for this is that not all the required colors can be created in both systems. The manufacturing steps for the two systems are identical.

First comes the chrome-free pretreatment of the wheels. This prevents the corrosion from spreading to the wheel if the surface is damaged. The pretreatment also provides the foundation for the adhesion of the primer powder, which is subsequently applied and then cured under heat. The next step is color coating using water-based or solvent-based paint.

Polished wheel variants perform a lap of honor after being painted. They are removed from the conveyor and the colored paint and primer are removed at specific points using a diamond, which is why these wheels are also referred to as “diamond cut”. They then make their way though the painting system again. The wheels are treated again and then – without repeating the primer and paint coating steps – transported to the clear varnishing area, where they are coated with acrylic or polyester powder and cured, just like all the non-polished wheels. Once the varnishing is complete, a final inspection is performed in which the surface finish of the wheel is carefully checked. If the result is positive, the wheel is immediately packaged.

All fully automated RIAL painting lines work in accordance with high, globally applied standards and have been certified and approved by the major automotive manufacturers. The high-quality painting and varnishing guarantees that all customers will be able to enjoy their RIAL wheel for a long time provided it is treated with the appropriate care.