Industrial Clerk

An interview with two trainees, Tabea Acker and Celine Hundeloh, who have been undergoing the three years of training as industrial clerk at Superior Industries since 2018 and 2019 respectively. Why did you choose to train in this occupation? Tabea Acker: Because this training gives me the opportunity to gain experience of as many departments of an industrial company as possible. As an industrial clerk, I can go on to work in practically [...]

2021-04-20T16:10:28+02:00March 31, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Astorga graphite

The alloy wheel ASTORGA has been on the market since Spring 2020, making it one of the latest models from RIAL. It owes its success to an interesting design variation – the classic double-spoke design has been given a one-of-a-kind twist through a slightly asymmetrical alignment. At the same time, this dynamic wheel is suitable for many vehicle models thanks to its balanced proportions. ASTORGA fans can now also choose among three color [...]

2021-03-12T10:50:05+01:00March 17, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Centering Rings

Many alloy wheels are manufactured with a relatively large center bore. This is because alloy wheels are designed to fit as many vehicle models as possible, and different automotive brands use different center bore diameters. Because the alloy wheel must perfectly fit on the vehicle hub, of course, there is a mounting aid to accommodate any difference between the wheel hub diameter and the center bore diameter: centering rings. If the wheel is [...]

2021-03-01T09:27:00+01:00March 3, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|
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