Portrait of/interview with Simone Maier-Paselk

Simone Maier-Paselk is Vice President Aftermarket at Superior Industries, where she has been working since November 1993. In the interview, she describes her tasks, her way of working and her personal design favorites. What are your most important tasks? I have a wide range of responsibilities. Basically, this includes everything necessary to make a RIAL wheel successful and sell it on the market. Traditionally speaking, my focus is therefore on sales, but since [...]

2021-05-25T11:50:50+02:00May 26, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Spoke types

The laws of physics dictate that a wheel needs at least three spokes. Otherwise it would be unable to cope with the strains to which it is subjected and would give way due to a lack of stability. Beyond this technical necessity, there is a certain leeway for design. While things still revolve around function in the case of three- and four-spoke wheels, a larger number of spokes provides plenty of room for [...]

2021-05-11T11:43:43+02:00May 12, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|
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