“The chance to design something spurs me on.”

Simone Maier-Paselk is Vice President Aftermarket at Superior Industries, where she has been working since November 1993. In the interview, she describes her tasks, her way of working and her personal design favorites.

What are your most important tasks?

I have a wide range of responsibilities. Basically, this includes everything necessary to make a RIAL wheel successful and sell it on the market. Traditionally speaking, my focus is therefore on sales, but since last year I have also been focusing increasingly on marketing.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I don’t really have a typical day. Every morning, when I go to work, I can be fairly certain that the day will not proceed quite as planned. As a result of my diverse range of tasks, I am constantly coming up against new challenges to tackle – including everything from classic sales business with customer appointments, to product development, logistics and marketing, and finally various plans relating to the wheel business. And then I have to rethink all my plans, but that is exactly what makes the job as exciting as it is.

What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

I really enjoy working together with my team. It’s great to move things forward successfully with my colleagues. The chance to design something spurs me on time and again. Above all, it’s always fantastic when we start a project by designing a wheel and then see it finally on a car on the road.

Which RIAL product or solution is your favorite? Why?

I like a lot of our products, but I am even more impressed by the wide range, which offers a solution for almost all vehicles. Currently, my personal favorite is LUCCA.

What particularly exciting or nice situations from one of your recent projects have stuck with you?

Oh, there have been a lot. In principle, every new customer, every new wheel and every hurdle that has been overcome offers exciting and wonderful moments.

Which do you prefer?

Coffee or tea? Coffee (unfortunately).
Mountains or the ocean? Both alternately.
Cooking for yourself or getting a delivery? Having someone cook for me.
Sports car or SUV? SUV.

How do you spend your free time? Do you have an interesting hobby?

My job and family take up most of my time, so I unfortunately don’t have much time for hobbies. When I do have time, I enjoy meeting friends, I go for walks with my dogs, I also go hiking, I love reading, I like to travel to foreign countries and I practice yoga – at least I keep trying to do so.