Aesthetics and Driving Fun: X12

Feeling positive and optimistic about new projects – things that are a good idea in many people’s private lives also apply when developing new alloy wheels. The result is RIAL’s new wheel, the X12. In keeping with the optimistic energy, the curved double spokes have their own unique aesthetic and epitomize agile driving fun. The wheel’s powerful appearance upgrades every vehicle and adds an optical highlight to the RIAL portfolio without compromising on stability and quality.

The X12 wheel was designed and engineered with the latest vehicle range from BMW/Mini in mind as well as the Volkswagen Group, which also includes the Porsche, Seat, and Audi brands. As the name already suggests, the X12 wheel is a complement to the familiar X10 within the RIAL portfolio. The highlight: for the 18-inch model of the X12, RIAL offers both the classic colors and a front-polished version. The contrast between the metal and the diamond black base color additionally highlights the wheel’s unique design elements. You can find out more about painted and polished wheels in this blog article

All versions of the X12 wheel are ECE-certified. This indicates that you can use the wheel with the vehicle listed in the ECE operating permit without any further inspections or testing, and there is no need for a special entry in the vehicle documents. In addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland also participate in the ECE process .

The X12 is available in 7.0 x 16 inches, 7.0 x 17 inches, 7.5 x 17 inches, and 8.0 x 18 inches with a 5-hole connection in polar-silver, diamond-black and metal-grey designs. The 8.0 x 18-inch version is additionally available in diamond-black front polished.