It’s the color that does it! If you choose metal-grey for your alloy wheels, it’s clear that this decision is no coincidence.
Metal-grey symbolizes elegance, authenticity, and reliability. These are the big words that metal-grey paintwork visually communicates, calmly but unmistakably. And RIAL wheels embody precisely these qualities. We therefore offer a total of five products in metal-grey. In combination with the special wheel designs, this color shade creates entirely new characteristics that give every single alloy wheel an unmatched personality.

Being modern and timeless at the same time, metal-grey is an eye-catcher on any car – and on-trend regardless of the season. Even if the paintwork gets a little dirty. The clever nuances make dirt so inconspicuous that the wheels still look clean even if it’s actually high time to take another trip to the carwash.

X12 – full power

The powerful design language of the X12 alloy wheel meets the confident style of metal-grey. Together they create the unique aesthetic that is so greatly appreciated by many drivers. X12 is currently available in metal-grey in the sizes of 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, 19 inches and 20 inches.

X10 – for uncompromising drivers

The X10 alloy wheel makes an assertive appearance with all paintwork options. And metal-grey further underscores its sporty look.

M10 – as sporty as it gets

The M10 also makes a strong statement. This wheel for fans of masculine forms has an ECE certification and, in metal-grey, radiates power and pride.

KIBO – assertive like no other

With its clear and graceful multi-spoke look, KIBO demonstrates how a design can be both delicate and powerful at once. In the metal-grey version, the wheel looks even more stylish.

KIBO X – great for SUVs

With an X added to the name, the successful KIBO design is particularly suited for SUVs. In metal-grey, KIBO X gives sport utility vehicles an even sleeker look.

Metal-grey refines numerous models

To sum up, the characteristics of metal-grey paintwork are the ideal supplement to numerous alloy wheels. All wheels come with a general operating permit (ABE), while the M10, X12, and X10 even have ECE certification. Last but not least, every alloy wheel in this color comes with the RIAL five-year warranty.