Supporting Soccer in Fußgönheim

Soccer remains the most popular sport in Germany by a wide margin. In countless amateur leagues and youth teams, men, women, and children of all ages spend their time chasing that “round leather”, as soccer balls are colloquially known in German. Since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, however, the official match balls have been produced from synthetic materials.

Although the material of the equipment may have changed over the past decades, the massive popularity of the game itself remains unaltered. Virtually every town in Germany has a soccer club, if not several, where legions of volunteers dedicate their free time to the game. While they certainly provide leisure opportunities, the clubs also fulfill an important social function.

RIAL is well aware of the immense social value of the work done in these clubs. This is why the brand supports regional amateur soccer as a jersey sponsor of the local sports club ASV Fußgönheim 1898, whose men’s first team has played wearing the RIAL logo since the beginning of the 2019/20 season. Additionally, spectators at ASV home games can get an intimate look at RIAL wheels rims on an impressive display rack.

Most members of ASV Fußgönheim are active in the soccer program, which focuses particularly on youth teams and has set the goal of working exclusively with licensed coaches from the D division upward. The club also offers children’s and adults’ gymnastics. The town of Fußgönheim in Rhineland-Palatinate was home to the RIAL headquarters for many years.