X-Ray Inspection

Alloy wheel enthusiasts naturally appreciate the amazing look and great driving dynamics of these wheel rims. A topic of at least equal importance when it comes to alloy wheels, though, is safety. Only if the wheel’s engineering and production processes comply with all relevant safety standards can the consumer base their decision for one model or another purely on design aspects. A range of special inspection methods provides assurance that all wheels from [...]

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X10 – X12

Actually, you should drive these two alloy wheels at the same time, because they are a strong duo: the models X10 and X12 from RIAL. Unfortunately, there are good reasons not to equip a vehicle with different wheels. And there are some distinguishing features between the X10 and X12 after all. The X10 alloy wheel from RIAL impresses with a sporty elegance characterized by its double spokes diverging from each other far into [...]

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Industrial Clerk

An interview with two trainees, Tabea Acker and Celine Hundeloh, who have been undergoing the three years of training as industrial clerk at Superior Industries since 2018 and 2019 respectively. Why did you choose to train in this occupation? Tabea Acker: Because this training gives me the opportunity to gain experience of as many departments of an industrial company as possible. As an industrial clerk, I can go on to work in practically [...]

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Astorga graphite

The alloy wheel ASTORGA has been on the market since Spring 2020, making it one of the latest models from RIAL. It owes its success to an interesting design variation – the classic double-spoke design has been given a one-of-a-kind twist through a slightly asymmetrical alignment. At the same time, this dynamic wheel is suitable for many vehicle models thanks to its balanced proportions. ASTORGA fans can now also choose among three color [...]

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Centering Rings

Many alloy wheels are manufactured with a relatively large center bore. This is because alloy wheels are designed to fit as many vehicle models as possible, and different automotive brands use different center bore diameters. Because the alloy wheel must perfectly fit on the vehicle hub, of course, there is a mounting aid to accommodate any difference between the wheel hub diameter and the center bore diameter: centering rings. If the wheel is [...]

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Feeling positive and optimistic about new projects – things that are a good idea in many people’s private lives also apply when developing new alloy wheels. The result is RIAL’s new wheel, the X12. In keeping with the optimistic energy, the curved double spokes have their own unique aesthetic and epitomize agile driving fun. The wheel’s powerful appearance upgrades every vehicle and adds an optical highlight to the RIAL portfolio without compromising on [...]

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Wheels for SUVs

Robust, sporty, and practical – the SUV continues to grow in popularity. These powerful vehicles are winning over more and more fans. Many car owners want to make the pleasure of driving an SUV complete by outfitting their strong vehicle with equally strong alloy wheels. The selection of alloy wheels from RIAL is guaranteed to make this wish come true. Fascinating design, reliable technology – the wheels from RIAL perfectly reflect the spirit [...]

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The Wheel of the Future

As a well-known saying goes, the only constant in life is change. This applies not only in many life situations, but also, to a certain extent, to RIAL’s alloy wheels. Even our popular portfolio is constantly changing. Both tried-and-tested and new designs are being extended to accommodate more and more new sizes and applications. A second change is driven by regulations and requirements in the EU. A greater emphasis is being placed on [...]

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Painting Methods

Vehicles and wheels are put under heavy strain in day-to-day use. Corrosion protection therefore plays a key role for the function and appearance of alloy wheels. First-class paintwork contributes to the high quality standard of RIAL alloy wheels. When it comes to paintwork, a distinction can generally be made between two systems: water-based and solvent-based colored paint. The reason for this is that not all the required colors can be created in both [...]

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The name says it all: RIAL’s alloy wheel TRANSPORTER is the ideal option for delivery vehicles that need to stand the test in demanding day-to-day business. This impressive powerhouse has everything you need to ensure safe and reliable delivery at all times. The wide spokes testify to the great stability of TRANSPORTER. With a maximum possible wheel load of 1,450 kilograms, the wheel is recommended as a heavy laborer for a wide range [...]

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