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Snow Chains for Alloy Wheels: a Good Combination for Winter

How do you find the right snow chain for your car? Are snow chains suitable for alloy wheels? Does every wheel need a snow chain? What is important to note when putting them on? We’ll show you what to keep in mind. Snow chains and alloy wheels – a dream team? Many drivers, especially those with aluminum wheel rims, still prefer not to put on snow chains in the winter [...]

2021-10-15T07:48:54+02:00October 13, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Highlights with a Polar-Silver Finish

Polar-silver is clear and direct, yet characteristic. No wonder many of our wheels are available in a polar-silver version. Whether X12, ASTORIA, M12, LUCCA, KODIAK, BAVARO, TRANSPORTER, M10, or X10 : all these wheels can be ordered with polar-silver paintwork. Yet each one still has a completely different character despite – or precisely thanks to – the color. Polar-silver radiates calm while making a powerful statement without being intrusive. Just [...]

2021-10-04T13:36:44+02:00September 29, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|


Two differently named wheel rims that seem to be almost identical: KIBO and KIBO X. Nine double spokes running almost parallel result in a multifaceted multi-spoke wheel that is sure to spark the interest of design lovers, in particular. Only a closer look reveals the subtle variation in the width of the double spokes. Narrow gaps alternate with larger spacing to create a unique appearance. The clear lines are just [...]

2021-09-17T15:27:15+02:00September 16, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Wheel Nuts & Wheel Bolts

Safety comes first – especially on the road. Reliability is particularly crucial when it comes to parts that are under constant stress and that directly affect driving stability. This certainly includes the wheels and their mountings. Drivers may be familiar with the windshield stickers reminding them to have the wheel nuts or bolts retorqued 50 kilometers after a wheel change. Alloy wheels that are properly mounted with the right torque will not usually [...]

2021-09-01T11:40:08+02:00September 1, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Applications for Electric Vehicles

The future of mobility is in flux. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), 7.5 percent of all newly registered vehicles in Europe in the first half of 2021 were battery-powered (source: heise.de). Consumer willingness to switch to an electric vehicle continues to rise. But even as drive concepts undergo radical change, one vehicle design characteristic is not going anywhere – all cars roll on wheels. Reason enough to take a closer [...]

2021-08-18T07:32:45+02:00August 18, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Warehouse Clerk

Our trainee Fabian Sieber explains in this interview how he has been preparing to become a warehouse clerk since 2020 in a two-year apprenticeship training at Superior Industries. Why did you choose to train in this occupation? Fabian Sieber: I see the job of warehouse clerk as an occupation with a real future, especially given the growth in e-commerce, for example. It also provides lots of further training opportunities. What is the most [...]

2021-08-06T11:35:48+02:00August 6, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|


Is it actually possible to add extra shine to a car? It's certainly worth a shot – especially with an alloy wheel from RIAL that is perfectly designed to match your specific car brand. Two models are particularly worth mentioning here: the classic M10 and the M12 which have been available in new designs since 2020. The M10 model has a sporty character due to its five iconic double spokes. It is available [...]

2021-07-15T13:58:10+02:00July 21, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Navigating the Jungle of Synonyms

Even experts sometimes get mixed up – what was the difference between burnishing and front polish processing again? Does “wheel rim” only refer to wheels that are ECE-certified? And what is the difference between V spokes and double spokes? This RIAL Blog article aims to clear up questions like this and helps you navigate the jungle of synonyms. Wheel and rim Let’s begin by explaining a central pair of terms: wheel and rim. [...]

2021-07-07T12:41:16+02:00July 7, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

RIAL LUGANO, Interview with Marcus Reber, Owner of Reber Tires & Auto Service in Murr, Germany

The company Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service (“Reber Tires & Auto Service”) was founded in the town of Murr near Stuttgart in 1982. It has been a RIAL commercial partner for more than 20 years. Today, Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service employs eight people and delivers more than 2,000 wheels to its customers each year. In our interview, owner Marcus Reber explains how his company is cooperating with RIAL on the LUGANO wheel. Why did [...]

2021-06-14T11:37:24+02:00June 23, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|

Elegant and Dynamic: LUGANO

Even just the name of this alloy wheel from RIAL invites you to dream. LUGANO – who doesn’t associate this elegant city on the lake of the same name with pleasant walks or driving excursions? It is in Lugano that the breathtaking mountain landscapes of the Alps meet the mild climate of Southern Europe, forming something truly magical. You’ll experience something similar with the LUGANO wheel. It epitomizes the elegant combination of state-of-the-art [...]

2021-06-08T09:45:27+02:00June 9, 2021|RIAL Newsblog|
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