Warehouse Clerk

Our trainee Fabian Sieber explains in this interview how he has been preparing to become a warehouse clerk since 2020 in a two-year apprenticeship training at Superior Industries. Why did you choose to train in this occupation? Fabian Sieber: I see the job of warehouse clerk as an occupation with a real future, especially given the growth in e-commerce, for example. It also provides lots of further training opportunities. What is the most [...]

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Is it actually possible to add extra shine to a car? It's certainly worth a shot – especially with an alloy wheel from RIAL that is perfectly designed to match your specific car brand. Two models are particularly worth mentioning here: the classic M10 and the M12 which have been available in new designs since 2020. The M10 model has a sporty character due to its five iconic double spokes. It is available [...]

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Navigating the Jungle of Synonyms

Even experts sometimes get mixed up – what was the difference between burnishing and front polish processing again? Does “wheel rim” only refer to wheels that are ECE-certified? And what is the difference between V spokes and double spokes? This RIAL Blog article aims to clear up questions like this and helps you navigate the jungle of synonyms. Wheel and rim Let’s begin by explaining a central pair of terms: wheel and rim. [...]

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RIAL LUGANO, Interview with Marcus Reber, Owner of Reber Tires & Auto Service in Murr, Germany

The company Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service (“Reber Tires & Auto Service”) was founded in the town of Murr near Stuttgart in 1982. It has been a RIAL commercial partner for more than 20 years. Today, Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service employs eight people and delivers more than 2,000 wheels to its customers each year. In our interview, owner Marcus Reber explains how his company is cooperating with RIAL on the LUGANO wheel. Why did [...]

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Elegant and Dynamic: LUGANO

Even just the name of this alloy wheel from RIAL invites you to dream. LUGANO – who doesn’t associate this elegant city on the lake of the same name with pleasant walks or driving excursions? It is in Lugano that the breathtaking mountain landscapes of the Alps meet the mild climate of Southern Europe, forming something truly magical. You’ll experience something similar with the LUGANO wheel. It epitomizes the elegant combination of state-of-the-art [...]

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Portrait of/interview with Simone Maier-Paselk

Simone Maier-Paselk is Vice President Aftermarket at Superior Industries, where she has been working since November 1993. In the interview, she describes her tasks, her way of working and her personal design favorites. What are your most important tasks? I have a wide range of responsibilities. Basically, this includes everything necessary to make a RIAL wheel successful and sell it on the market. Traditionally speaking, my focus is therefore on sales, but since [...]

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Spoke types

The laws of physics dictate that a wheel needs at least three spokes. Otherwise it would be unable to cope with the strains to which it is subjected and would give way due to a lack of stability. Beyond this technical necessity, there is a certain leeway for design. While things still revolve around function in the case of three- and four-spoke wheels, a larger number of spokes provides plenty of room for [...]

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X-Ray Inspection

Alloy wheel enthusiasts naturally appreciate the amazing look and great driving dynamics of these wheel rims. A topic of at least equal importance when it comes to alloy wheels, though, is safety. Only if the wheel’s engineering and production processes comply with all relevant safety standards can the consumer base their decision for one model or another purely on design aspects. A range of special inspection methods provides assurance that all wheels from [...]

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X10 – X12

Actually, you should drive these two alloy wheels at the same time, because they are a strong duo: the models X10 and X12 from RIAL. Unfortunately, there are good reasons not to equip a vehicle with different wheels. And there are some distinguishing features between the X10 and X12 after all. The X10 alloy wheel from RIAL impresses with a sporty elegance characterized by its double spokes diverging from each other far into [...]

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Industrial Clerk

An interview with two trainees, Tabea Acker and Celine Hundeloh, who have been undergoing the three years of training as industrial clerk at Superior Industries since 2018 and 2019 respectively. Why did you choose to train in this occupation? Tabea Acker: Because this training gives me the opportunity to gain experience of as many departments of an industrial company as possible. As an industrial clerk, I can go on to work in practically [...]

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