Our commitment to quality for your safety

More than 40 years ago, we committed ourselves to making the roads safer with high-quality products. Day after day, RIAL does its utmost to fulfill this mission. High-quality raw materials, meticulous inspection methods both before and during production, and our dedicated team lay the foundations for our great craftsmanship. Our values of quality, safety, and tradition are the core of our corporate philosophy and govern our everyday work. Let’s take a closer look at these values.

Our motto: Uncompromising quality

Only the best materials are good enough. When choosing raw materials, manufacturers take samples and test the chemical composition of each batch by means of spectral analysis. This enables them to detect and reject any inferior materials right away – we only allow top-quality raw materials into our plant.

Bearing in mind that progress relies on continuous development, we are constantly striving to optimize our manufacturing processes. We use the low-pressure casting procedure to produce our wheels from a single cast. This modern manufacturing process guarantees consistent material properties and a high degree of stability for our alloy wheels.

Experts who have already gained many years of professional experience work hand in hand with enthusiastic young talents who are just commencing their careers. This mix is a guarantee for consistent high quality and promotes the passion that all RIAL employees demonstrate in their day-to-day work. Expertise paired with commitment – a powerful combination.

Our mission: your safety

Our experts put every single wheel through its paces – throughout the entire manufacturing process – before it even leaves the plant. Every wheel is subject to a fully automated x-ray test directly after being cast. The task of evaluating the images is performed here by a specially designed program that detects any faults such as bubbles or inclusions and removes the wheel concerned from the process. During the subsequent mechanical processing, state-of-the-art machines and constant intermediate checks guarantee the quality of the products and ensure that the drawing specifications are met.

Before the first series is produced, an independent institute such as a technical inspection association (e.g. German TÜV) inspects the alloy wheels in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act (StVZO). Once the products have been successfully approved and all necessary documents submitted, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority then issues the general operating permit (ABE) and/or ECE certification.

Extensive inspection methods, including bending fatigue and rim-rolling tests, enable us to provide a five-year warranty on many of our alloy wheels. A high-quality wheel is the foundation allowing you and your loved ones to be safe wherever you’re going.

Our method: tradition meets vision

We are proud to be able to describe our work as “German engineering with history”. RIAL alloy wheels are individual, aesthetically appealing, and at the same time functional and safe.

It is not only due to the company’s 40-year history that RIAL is viewed as a pioneer in the wheel sector.

Thanks to our many years of experience and broad product range, in particular as a winter wheel specialist, we help to ensure that you reach your destination safely and reliably.