Polar-silver is clear and direct, yet characteristic. No wonder many of our wheels are available in a polar-silver version. Whether X12, ASTORIA, M12, LUCCA, KODIAK, BAVARO, TRANSPORTER, M10, or X10 : all these wheels can be ordered with polar-silver paintwork. Yet each one still has a completely different character despite – or precisely thanks to – the color. Polar-silver radiates calm while making a powerful statement without being intrusive. Just as the northern lights are never the same, constantly producing different color schemes in the sky, polar-silver will always cast your wheels in a new light.

No matter the weather, polar-silver is always in style

Everyone has been there: it rains after a long dry spell or winter suddenly appears and washes all the dirt from the air onto your beloved car, including the wheels. Especially during the cold time of year when there are more small stones or salt on the road, you might as well go to the carwash on a daily basis. But who really does that?

Polar-silver is quite forgiving. This easy-care paint is particularly suitable for less-than-perfect road conditions and changing weather. Dirt will only accumulate after a long time. If you don’t mind taking a little time to care for your wheels then you can go even longer without driving through the carwash.

Highlight in polar-silver?

How can you find a real highlight among all those stars? We’ve conducted a small internal survey at RIAL and were able to find three favorites – the decision was far from easy, though:

ASTORGA – A wheel that’s all about the details, ASTORGA impresses with a subtle asymmetry that perfectly harmonizes with the unobtrusiveness of polar-silver.

X12 – The curved double spokes underscore the powerful nature of the paintwork and lend each vehicle a strong presence.

M12 – An elegant classic with a touch of sportiness. That’s the M12. In polar-silver, the visual focus is shifted to the dynamic character of the wheel.

By the way, all three models in polar-silver have an ABE certificate and they also come with the proven RIAL five-year warranty. Yet two more reasons to go for polar-silver