Two differently named wheel rims that seem to be almost identical: KIBO and KIBO X. Nine double spokes running almost parallel result in a multifaceted multi-spoke wheel that is sure to spark the interest of design lovers, in particular. Only a closer look reveals the subtle variation in the width of the double spokes. Narrow gaps alternate with larger spacing to create a unique appearance.
The clear lines are just one of the secret ingredients. Nothing distracts from the design language. It’s clear to see how innovative and modern a sleek design and complex shape can be.

A very special wheel

If you are trying to choose between KIBO and KIBO X, you have a difficult decision. Both are available in two different paintwork options – understated metal-grey or eye-catching diamond-black. A very special feature of the diamond-black version is its polished lips. This is rather an exception within the RIAL product range and truly sets the wheel apart from the rest of the portfolio. But the metal-grey paintwork has a major advantage too: it comes with the proven RIAL five-year warranty. A difficult decision for wheel rim enthusiasts.

What’s the difference between the two versions?

The different names, or rather the subtle addition to the name, have a meaning. In the RIAL range, “X” designates all wheels that are especially suitable for use on sports utility vehicles. This is designed to help you find the right alloy wheel for your car more quickly. Accordingly, the KIBO model is available in 8.0 x 18-inch, 8.0 x 19-inch and 8.5 x 20-inch versions, making it the perfect size for many common car models. Meanwhile, its “big brother”, KIBO X, available in 9.0 x 20 inches and 9.5 x 21 inches, is designed especially for SUVs.

KIBO versus KIBO X – who will win the race?

You’ve probably already guessed: it’s not quite that simple. After all, its the same wheel. Ultimately, it’s a matter of which vehicle you have. Do you drive an SUV? Then you can certainly check whether KIBO X is an option for you. This wheel rim highlights the confident look of the vehicles and will reliably serve you on any surface. If you often drive your car in the rugged outdoors, we recommend going for the metal-grey paintwork. Even if you don’t drive an SUV, there’s no need to do without this exceptional design. KIBO is available in many different sizes. One of them is sure to fit your car. You can find even more information about KIBO and KIBO X here.