Portrait of Vocational Training: Warehouse Clerk

Our trainee Fabian Sieber explains in this interview how he has been preparing to become a warehouse clerk since 2020 in a two-year apprenticeship training at Superior Industries.

Why did you choose to train in this occupation?

Fabian Sieber: I see the job of warehouse clerk as an occupation with a real future, especially given the growth in e-commerce, for example. It also provides lots of further training opportunities.

What is the most important content of your training?

It includes all the daily activities associated with warehouse logistics, so loading goods, stock transfers, putting things into storage, preparing goods for shipping at the packing stations, and order picking. All of these tasks are important since together they serve to keep the entire process running. If we don’t perform any stock transfers, at some point we won’t have any goods for order picking, and then we can’t process any orders at the packing stations. The orderly completion of each task depends on all the others.

How often do you go to the vocational school?

I attend the vocational school BBS Wirtschaft II in Ludwigshafen and have alternately one and then two days of school per week.

Which departments have you already worked in?

In my first training year I got to know the packing stations for DPD and DHL, order picking the goods for DPD/DHL/freight forwarding, the repacking station for repackaging returned deliveries, and loading goods for shipping orders in goods issue.

Which tasks have you particularly enjoyed performing?

I have the most fun doing tasks that are physically demanding and where I get to work more independently. This is the case when picking or working at the packing stations.

What direction do you plan to take after completing your training?

Once I complete my warehouse clerk training, I’d like to do further training to become a warehouse logistics specialist. And then I intend on getting a university degree in this area.

Which do you prefer?

• Coffee or tea? Coffee
• Mountains or the ocean? Mountains
• Cooking for yourself or getting a delivery? Cooking for myself
• Sports car or SUV? SUV

Do you have an interesting hobby?

In my free time I look after my family’s forest plot as often as possible, and I regularly spend the night there.