“It couldn’t be better!”

The company Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service (“Reber Tires & Auto Service”) was founded in the town of Murr near Stuttgart in 1982. It has been a RIAL commercial partner for more than 20 years. Today, Reber Reifenhaus & KFZ-Service employs eight people and delivers more than 2,000 wheels to its customers each year. In our interview, owner Marcus Reber explains how his company is cooperating with RIAL on the LUGANO wheel.

Why did you want to cooperate with RIAL on the LUGANO wheel?

We’ve seen a very strong demand for turbine wheels from Tesla drivers. So I had the idea of satisfying this demand with a special edition of the LUGANO from RIAL. In addition, we previously have cooperated with Superior Industries as a manufacturer for another special color edition of a wheel model.

Why do LUGANO and the Tesla models make such a harmonious visual combination?

The image has been learned, in a sense, because all Tesla models come fitted with turbine wheels by default. There’s a reason for that, of course – the turbine wheels fit very well with the design and the silhouette of the vehicle.

What technical specifications would you like for “your” LUGANO edition?

For the LUGANO, a general operating permit (ABE) should be available for all three Tesla models. The offsets should also reach the limit of what is permissible without any further approval from a technical inspection association (TÜV). In addition, the standard nuts should remain usable, no centering rings should be necessary, and the original hub caps should still fit.

What is the role of the 5-year warranty and winter compatibility?

Those are definitely strong additional sales arguments. The overall package is right for our customers. The 500 units of the first batch are practically already sold out.

What was especially important to you as a RIAL commercial partner in implementing the production?

It was important to us that our wishes were taken into account. This includes high-quality, high-speed production in Europe. On the one hand, we generally like to rely on domestic production. This also brings practical advantages, like how it’s easier to make adjustments if the production is not far away on the other hand.
How was your experience of cooperating with RIAL on the project?

It couldn’t be better! Whether regarding technical matters or important appointments – everything was just right on this project, which we carried out from March to May 2021 in close coordination with Peter Metzger, the Sales director for Germany at Superior Industries.

Are you planning any similar projects for the future?

Yes, there will be another project in 2021. But the wheel rim model is still secret for the time being. I can tell you that it will also be for Tesla, though.