Strong Wheels for Strong Vehicles

Robust, sporty, and practical – the SUV continues to grow in popularity. These powerful vehicles are winning over more and more fans. Many car owners want to make the pleasure of driving an SUV complete by outfitting their strong vehicle with equally strong alloy wheels.

The selection of alloy wheels from RIAL is guaranteed to make this wish come true. Fascinating design, reliable technology – the wheels from RIAL perfectly reflect the spirit of the SUV. This is especially true of three specific RIAL models: KIBO X, M12, and X10.

The KIBO X alloy wheel delivers a design upgrade for any SUV. It captivates with clear lines and alternating pairs of spokes.

The M12 model is sure to please with its elegant 5-V-spoke aesthetic, meeting the highest standards of design and sportiness.

The X10 wheel makes a particularly assertive statement. Its double spokes, which diverge from each other all the way down into the rim flange, make it a paragon of sporty elegance.