Agile and Balanced: KODIAK

Tranquility and agility – this combination characterizes the design of the alloy wheel KODIAK from RIAL. It shares these qualities with the animal it is named after, the Kodiak bear. Native to the island of the same name off the southern coast of Alaska, this bear is one of the largest land predators in the world. Despite its incredible weight of up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg), the Kodiak bear can reach running speeds of over 30 mph (50 km/h) when hunting.

The alloy wheel KODIAK exhibits dazzling interplay between clear lines and blade-like spokes, signaling impressive dynamics. Available in graphite or polar-silver, KODIAK is the perfect companion for many vehicle models.

The KODIAK model is available in 5.0 x 14 inches, 5.5 x 15 inches, 6.0 x 15 inches, 6.0 x 16 inches, 6.5 x 16 inches, 7.0 x 16 inches, 7.0 x 17 inches, 7.5 x 17 inches, 7.5 x 18 inches, 8.0 x 18 inches, and 8.0 x 19 inches with a five-hole connection. Additionally, the sizes 5.5 x 14 inches and 6.0 x 15 inches are available with a four-hole connection. Almost all KODIAK variations are ECE-certified.