Christian Weimer, designer at Superior Industries, gives us exciting insights into his everyday working life.

1) How long have you been at Superior Industries and in which role?

I have been a design engineer at Superior Industries since March 2014. I have also been employed as a trainer (for product design) and safety officer since 2015.

2) What are your most important tasks?

My main task is to implement the customers’ design ideas – in the development and design teams. I also create 2D production/manufacturing drawings based on 3D data. Through my work, I am naturally in frequent contact with technical inspection associations and sales personal and process their queries. Preparing and archiving technical data is also part of my job.

3) What did you do before you joined Superior Industries?

Before I came to Superior Industries, I was in the wheels industry, so I have already been familiar with the market since 1989. During this time, I worked in all positions and areas of product development – so I have experience with everything from design to construction and even car tuning. My focus was on the development and production of spoke wheel centers for monoblock cast wheels and forged wheels and of magnesium wheels. I was also able to gain experience in project management as well as purchasing and sales during this time.

4) What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

I love working in a team! I also like the fact that I can contribute my creative skills when designing drafts. Of course the odd challenges arise, but in the end this is exactly what makes my day-to-day work interesting. Another key component of my work for me is the interaction with customers, manufacturers and producers. This contact with the various different sides constantly results in new impulses.

5) Which RIAL product is your favorite?

As a fan of sporty wheel rims, I really like the design of the X10. The timeless design of this concave wheel brings a depth with it that I find extraordinary. Another plus is that, despite their fantastic appearance, the X10 wheel rims are also very easy to care for. This is an advantage that those who value shiny wheels really appreciate!

6) What particularly exciting situation from one of your recent projects has stuck with you?

Recently we developed a 20-inch monoblock cast wheel for a customer. Due to the highly specific requirements, we had a lot of discussions with the customer and really had to rise to the challenge of constantly enhancing our design concepts. It was great to be able to place the finished product in the hands of the satisfied customer at the end of a long development process!

7) How do you clear your mind? Do you have a hobby or do you perform voluntary work during your leisure time?

I have a real passion for bodybuilding. Besides that, good nutrition is really important to me – a healthy lifestyle is a top priority. I can only truly enjoy my free time and clear my mind if I am fit and healthy.

8) Finally, a few personal either/or questions:

Coffee or tea?

Mountains or the ocean?

Cooking for yourself or getting a delivery?
Cooking for myself.

Sports car or SUV?
Definitely a sports car.