Safety comes first

Every acceleration and every braking maneuver, every curb hit and every pothole: all of these put stress on your alloy wheels. But your wheels are built precisely for the loads and forces involved in such driving situations – at least they should be.

Professional alloy wheel manufacturers take their responsibility seriously, producing wheels worthy to serve as extremely vital automotive components. They put their wheels to the test with a range of inspection methods, including bi-axial wheel/hub fatigue testing (ZWARP), in order to maintain the highest quality standards. ZWARP is a method for performing fatigue and endurance tests on wheels and hubs. The ZWARP test stand simulates realistic wheel load combinations to inspect the operational stability of the wheel.

Bad actors in the wheel market, on the other hand, put the users of their products in serious danger. The Internet is unfortunately full of sites selling counterfeits and imitations of brand-name wheels. When producing such counterfeits – or forgeries – criminals not only copy wheel designs, but even fake the logos of renowned manufacturers. By “imitations” we mean cheap counterfeit wheels made to mimic high-quality brand-name wheels. Speaking of “cheap”: Excessively low prices should set off alarm bells in the heads of consumers – they are usually a clear sign of counterfeit wheel rims or cheap imitations.

Purchasing such wheel rims can be dangerous, even life-threatening. One virtually identical copy of a high-quality lightweight forged wheel – awarded the Plagiarius negative prize for particularly brazen counterfeiters and forgers – was of even such poor quality that it did not withstand a standard stress test conducted by TÜV Nord.

While an attentive customer may be able to recognize cheap imitations from their bad workmanship, counterfeits produced with so much criminal energy can be almost undetectable. One should have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to suspiciously low prices – or head straight to a specialist store to buy the original. With alloy wheels from RIAL, you can rest assured that you are equipped with the highest quality standards, no matter the driving situation or wheel load. RIAL belongs to the Superior Industries Group, one of the largest suppliers of initial equipment for vehicles – even major automotive manufacturers place their trust in the quality “Made by Superior”.

One more note on repairing damaged alloy wheels: Because such repairs entail interference with the material structure, they are forbidden by law for safety reasons. Alloy wheels may only be visually altered in accordance with the manufacturer information and the applicable rules, such as the allowance for treating damage that is less than one millimeter deep.