KIBO: Wheel Design Reaches New Heights

What do Africa’s highest peak and an alloy wheel from RIAL have in common? It’s quite simple – both of them are named KIBO. Because Kibo – which means “the bright one” in Swahili and stands at 5,895 meters – is the highest of Kilimanjaro’s three volcanic cones, the identical names symbolize that the wheel design is also reaching new heights.

The twenty spokes of the alloy wheel are arranged in pairs at varying distances. This gives the multi-spoke wheel an elegant and multifaceted appearance – a surprising optical highlight in a deeply embedded center.

The KIBO model is available in 8.0 x 18-inch, 8.0 x 19-inch and 8.5 x 20-inch versions. RIAL has also offered the KIBO X model especially for SUVs since 2018 in 9.0 x 20-inch and 9.5 x 21-inch versions. Both models are available in diamond black with polished lips or metal gray.